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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Complete the course as a school student?

Yes! provided you are 15+. Even better- Dependent upon your age and which state you are in the course can contribute towards your school certificate.

Can I complete the course if I am not a school student?

Yes! This course is designed for ANYONE that wants to learn more about their equine friend. We have many mature age students complete the course from the casual horse rider wanting  to increase their knowledge of horses, Parents of “horse mad” kids wanting to speak the same language, “nervous nellies” getting back into riding after a break wanting to feel more confident to the seasoned competitor looking for that piece of paper that confirms to others that they have the qualifications and knowledge necessary.

Why would I do this course?

The course provides relevant and informative units that will equip you with the skills and knowledge to further your equestrian career and enhance you recreational riding ability – regardless if you have experience or are just starting out.

completing this course can help launch a new career or simply provide you with valuable knowledge and skills.
Some main carreer pathways include:

  • Jillaroo/Jackaroo
  • Stablehand
  • Trail ride leader
  • Vet nurse
  • Equine dentist
  • Track work rider
  • Strapper
  • Yearling prep
  • Broodmare assistant
  • Excersise rider
  • Stable manager
  • Riding school instructor
  • Horse breaker

How do I complete the course work?

Our course is delivered online via our unique study portal & can be completed in the comfort of your own home or at school from anywhere in Australia. We also offer course manuals to be sent out in the mail for those students who live in remote areas or just prefer a more “hands on” approach. There is no difference in course content either way.

We do not offer in class room study as this course is designed to be completed online and at home with your own horse or a loan horse.


What sort of work is involved in the course?                      

The course is made up of 11 Units (+ first aid) in total with 3 of Units Practical and 8 Units theory.

Each Unit is comprised of short answer & multiple choice questions, long answer questions, and Projects.

The Practical Units involve completing a series of tasks with your horse including riding, lunging, and administering First Aid

The Units included are:

HMSEPH301 – Demonstrate an Understanding of the Evolution and Psychology of Equine Behaviour

HMSWHS301 –Apply Health and Safety Procedures in Equine Recreational Activities

HMSPEA301 – Provide Equine Accommodation

HMSEWL301 – Comply with Equine Welfare within the Recreational Horse Industry

 HMSEAP301 – Apply Principles of Equine Anatomy and Physiology

SISOEQU014  – Determine Nutritional Requirements for Sport or Recreational Horses

HMSGEM301 – Conduct Grooming of Horses

HLTAID003 – Provide First Aid (If you have a current Provide First Aid Certificate, you will be eligible for a credit transfer)

SISOEQ0304A – Apply First Aid for Horses (practical) 

HMSHHC302 – Undertake Preventative Health Care

HMSEGT301 – Perform Equine Groundwork and Transportation  (practical) 

HMSURG308 – Undertaking Riding at the Appropriate Skill Level  (practical) 


How long does it take to complete the course?

This course is self paced and can comfortably be completed in up to two years part time or one year full time.

Although we have had plenty of students finish within 8/9months whilst still in school so it will depend on the students commitment and time available.

How do I do the practical units?

Practical Units can be completed with a Level 1 Riding Instructor or, you can utilise your own riding instructor (who may not be a Level 1) and have your Prac Units recorded on video and send them in to us here for marking. There is also the option of having a friend or relative video record your Prac Units.

We offer flexibility as some students do not have access to a Level 1 instructor.

How much does the course cost?

We currently have the course on special at $1690 (normally $2400) when paid in full.

Make sure you check out our “specials” tab to see if we have a promotional pricing running!

Can I pay on a payment plan?

You are able pay one unit at a time: the cost is $240 per unit.

How do I sign up?

Complete the enrolment form HERE and return to AEI head office along with a copy of your photo ID.


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